I was enamoured with the concept of succeeding while leading others to succeed. This was very different from the corporate model I was exposed to throughout my growing years.

I was exposed to Network Marketing heavy weights such as Mr. Rich Devos they spoke into my life.

My business journey was imposed on me due to unfortunate circumstances beyond my control.

My mother died when I was seven years old. My father died seven years later.

Having to do without my Mother, and later my Father, also meant that I had to find the means to survive.

This forced me to find creative ways to generate income. I became a shoe polisher and shirt press for the workers of our city. I helped my grandmother get produce to sell at the local farm market and sometimes from the neighboring forest.

My brother and I paint houses and find other ingenious ways to put money in our pockets.

Reaching this point of my success did not come without me having good mentors.

Now paying it forward, I have written a book called How To Fire Your Boss And Hire Yourself, a simple manual on how to start and maintain your network marketing business.

I have also co-authored a book with longtime friend and mentor, John Solleder. It is called Leave Nothing to Chance, fifteen principles for success and the stories that inspired them.

When these fifteen principles are applied correctly, success is bound to be the end result.